Japanese Chin

The Japanese Chin is an ancient breed.  Full of fun and mischief.  They were bred to serve strictly as a companion dog, an ornament.  Originating in China, Chin were given as gifts to the royalty in Japan.  There are Chin and then there are dogs.  Chin have long ruled the household.  They are square in body, flat faced, and have a long silky coat.  Their silhouette is regal with a beautiful neck, curious little face, sassy tail and before you know it—you’re hooked.  Several words that come to mind when speaking of Japanese Chin are “elegant”, “regal”, “superior”.  I have found that the chin are willing yet stubborn, affectionate yet evasive, and beware, extremely addictive.  I do believe many a chin owner that says, “You don’t own a Chin, they own you.”

GCH We-Syng Pem Royal Rover At WestView, “Rover” is pictured above in a Frontgate photo ad.  Thank you Frontgate for the use of this photo.