One Fine Day

Photos on this page are all taken by Digital Dean Photography; Dean and Barb Vincent.

Left:  Maggie



Right:  Chester


Below:  Abbey over a jump.


Above: Abbey  ready to tip the teeter.

Below:  Maggie coming out of the tunnel.

Abbey (left) coming up and over the A-frame.

Pictured on the right:  Rosie (top left); Penny (top right), Jasmine (bottom left), and Cedrik (bottom right), beautiful rubies and black and tans.  Penny and Cedrik are the parents of Rosie and Jasmine.


Pictured below is Cedrik.

Maggie (right) is all worn out from this busy day of picture taking.

Right: Cedrik coming through the tire jump.

Below, left:  Abbey through the tire jump.

Right:  Abbey coming through the weaves.